FAQ's -Policy

How are the payments processed? Is it secure?

All payments are processed via STRIPE and are 100% secure.

How can I cancel and reschedule a booking?

You can cancel and reschedule bookings through the Members section (see the menu on top). Appointments must be rescheduled or canceled 15 hours in advance (barring medical, family or other emergencies at the discretion of the coach), otherwise, your session will be forfeited with no refunds or make-ups given. This rule is there to ensure that other people who need a particular time slot can book it in time, and also that the coach's time is not spent doing nothing.

I am not being able to make a booking that I paid for, what do I do?

The website automatically assigns time slots based on coach schedule and availability. If you are not being able to make a booking you have paid for due to unavailable time slots or being outside of your payment period, please message me through the website or text me on the phone number in the header and I will call you back to manually book you in to a mutually workable time slot.

How do I cancel an 'Ongoing Coaching' plan?

Please contact me through the website or text the phone number listed in the header to cancel any ongoing plans.

How long are the coaching/consult sessions?

Each session is of a 45 min duration.

Do I need a gym membership?

You only need a gym membership if you will be training at the gym outside of the scheduled coaching sessions. To attend coaching sessions, no gym membership is necessary.

Where do we train?

We will train at the 'Get Fit For Life 24 hr Gym' on Level 1, 456 Fitzgerald St, North Perth

Can I get a refund for a session plan package that I have partially used?

No, you cannot get a partial refund unless for extraneous reasons at the discretion of the coach. This is because each package gives you access to a special price per session that is only available to that particular package. You can contact the coach for rescheduling the leftover sessions at a later date, however.

Is my information secure and kept private?

All information you give to the coach during training (and all information collected by the website at checkout) will be kept 100% secure and confidential, unless you provide the coach express permission to use it elsewhere.

I have a medical condition - can I still start my training?

You are encouraged to seek clearance from a medical professional before starting training. Additionally, the consult before start of training is used to assess your suitability to undergo physical exercise, and also lets the coach be aware of any particular issues or medical conditions you may have.
Please let the coach know if a particular exercise causes you discomfort and it will be adjusted to make it safe and suitable or you. Ultimately, however, any training you undertake will be at your discretion only and the coach will not be liable for any issues arising from physical activity during the training session.

How do I make further bookings for my session plan?

You can make bookings for future sessions by going to the members area and logging in. You can also re-schedule bookings through the members area. Each package has a set number of sessions you can avail every week.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

You can make your bookings up to 14 days in advance.